Printmakers at Pieces

At Pieces we are massive fans of local creatives.

We’re delighted to bring Printmakers at Pieces to our Georges’s Street Store through December – as well as online. With all the current craziness we want to put a spotlight on a selection of local talent within our local community.

If you can, (and when we’re allowed to open!) pop into our George’s street to see the Prints in person, alternatively, we can dispatch to your home through our online store which will be launching very soon.

Alice Fitzgerald

Alice is a Dublin-based visual artist and designer.
She is inspired by the organic forms of nature and the geometric shapes of her city life. Through an abstract and minimal approach, she demonstrates the playful interactions between line, colour and form.
Her idiosyncratic, elemental forms strike their own kind of balance, with every element forming part of the whole. Influenced by modernist and mid-century artists like Ellsworth Kelly, Jean Arp and Matisse, Alice takes to heart August Endell’s belief that even if abstract forms signify nothing, represent nothing, remind us of nothing, they still have the power arouse our souls as deeply and strongly as any other art form.

No matter how simple those forms are, there is always something new to grasp. Alice’s work is held in both public and private collections.

Print Title : Forms in Colour I
Medium / Layers : 4 colour hand pulled screen print
Paper / weight : Munken Pure, 300gsm
Dimensions : A2 420mm x 594mm
Number of Editions : 20
Price unframed: €100


Brian Giles

Brian Giles aka Sonofafox is an Irish Printmaker / Graphic Designer based in Dublin.

Through the process of screen printing, he loves to experiment with graphic abstract textures and strong colour combinations, often combining these two elements to produce bold and colourful artworks. His practice incorporates a range of processes such as silkscreen, large scale printing, paste-ups, collage, painting, risograph, and photography; all of which are re-contextualized through the print process.

Print Title : Past Present Future
Medium / Layers : 3-colour Risograph
Print Paper / weight : ​170gsm munken pure rough Dimensions : 297 x 420mm
Number of Editions : 20

Izzy Rose

Izzy Rose Grange is a Dublin based artist and printmaker.
Her work mainly consists of dynamic compositions which create parity between shifting geometric structures and photographic representations of the sea.

This work explores emotion, and plays on the calm yet powerful presence of nature. Grange holds a BA in Fine Art Printmaking from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Title: Tide
4 colour screenprint on Recycled Black Card 270gsm
Edition Size: 20
Size: A2
Signed and number by artist
Price: €70

izzy printing (2)

Robyn Carey

Robyn is a printmaker, painter, and curator from Dublin. She creates primarily abstract expressionist silk screen prints and acrylic paintings. Her work at its core is an exploration of relationships, both physical, mental and theoretical. She explores this through expressive, gestural mark-making coupled with abstracted structures. Robyn’s work often reflects her interpretations of a scientific, philosophical, or historical theory. Aesthetically she is drawn to both ancient Irish neolithic imagery and textures, contrasted by clean lines of modernism. Her work aims to grab the viewer’s attention with its strong imagery and compositions. It then asks them to delve a little deeper upon a closer look, to unearth a narrative being depicted through abstraction and symbolism. She’s a regular exhibitor in the Dublin art scene. Her practice is currently based in Pallas Projects Studios, Dublin 8.

Print Title : Píosai
Medium / Layers : 2 Layer Risograph Print
Paper / weight : 220gsm context birch 100% recycled
Dimensions : 29.7 x 42 (A3)
Number of Editions : 25
Price Unframed : €75

Conor Nolan

Conor is an illustrator, printmaker and designer currently based in Dublin. You can spot Conor’s work through its bold shapes and bright, limited colour palettes inspired by the aesthetics of screen printing, risograph printing and collage. Conor’s work consists of a variety of characters and motifs, with interesting expressions, and always a touch of humour.

Print Title : Fresh
Medium / Layers : 2-colour Risograph Print
Paper / weight : 225gsm Context Birch Paper
Dimensions : 297 x 420mm
Number of Editions : 20
Price of Framed Piece hung In Store : €85
Price Unframed : €50

Liam Gough

Liam is a master printer whose work combines drawing and printmaking; in a unique process that touches on the mechanical and the handmade.
He makes delicate prints and drawings that evoke a stillness, balance and a sense of calm in the viewer.

Bringing them into the meditative state of mind that one inhabites when sitting by the sea. Gough completed an MFA in Fine Art Printmaking at NCAD in 2014.

Print Title : Drawn
Medium / Layers : 4 layer screen print
Paper / weight : 300gsm Somerset
Dimensions : 29.7 x 42 (A3)
Number of prints in Edition: 10
Price of Framed Piece hung In Store : €175
Price Unframed : €95