Robyn Carey Piosai


Robyn Carey is a printmaker, painter, and curator from Dublin. Robyn is a friend of Pieces, having created the shutter design and has an existing exclusive Pieces print available in store. This piece is Titled Píosai and is exclude to Printmakers at Pieces.

Medium / Layers : 2 Layer Risograph Print
Paper / weight : 220gsm context birch 100% recycled
Dimensions : 29.7 x 42 (A3)
Number of Editions : 25
Price of Framed Piece hung In Store : €120.00
Price Unframed : €80.00

15 in stock


Robyn Carey is a printmaker, painter, and curator from Dublin. She creates primarily abstract expressionist silk screen prints and acrylic paintings. Her work at its core is an exploration of relationships, both physical, mental, and theoretical.

She explores this through expressive, gestural mark-making coupled with abstracted structures. Robyn’s work often reflects her interpretations of a scientific, philosophical, or historical theory. Aesthetically she is drawn to both ancient Irish neolithic imagery and textures, contrasted by clean lines of modernism. Her work aims to grab the viewer’s attention with its strong imagery and compositions. It then asks them to delve a little deeper upon a closer look, to unearth a narrative being depicted through abstraction and symbolism. She is a regular exhibitor in the dublin art scene Her practice is currently based in Pallas Projects Studios, Dublin 8.